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We provide effective and gentle therapy to patients of all ages – from new born to the very elderly. Our treatment can be adapted for anyone, whether you have a new injury or complex problems that you have been living with for years.

We treat babies
We treat pregnant women
head massage
Foot massage
We help with Womens Health

Every patient’s story is carefully listened to, building up a history of the journey their bodies have taken. People are able to take back control of their bodies, reducing medication and medical interventions.

Our aim is to reduce pain, tightness and disability, and to increase mobility, independence and function in every patient that we treat, therefore radically changing the outlook of their lives.

  • Are people of any age with acute or chronic problems, who are willing to work with us in following their bodies and taking responsibility for themselves.
  • Are people who come to us are living with pain that has not responded to other therapies; have nowhere else to turn, and who have become reliant on medication to carry out their daily activities.
  • A lot of our patients have undergone many investigations with no conclusion - we do not need a definitive diagnosis or label to be able to treat someone.
  • Typically have had various problems that have built up over several years and they often feel that they are ‘falling apart' .
  • Continue with treatment to maintain the improvements once the initial symptoms have reduced. This can prevent a recurrence or flare up of a chronic problem and reduce the incidence of injury in sports.
  • Are at the centre of everything we do at Holisticare. We care about improving your quality of life.

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a service that comes from the heart. We feel that their therapy doesn’t only happen on the treatment couch but in all our interactions with them and their families.

There are also some special circumstances in which we do our best to help our patients. As we have patients travelling a long way to come for treatment, eg. from The Isle of Man, Newcastle, America, Devon, they often don’t know our area. Our receptionists spend a great deal of time speaking to or emailing patients to find out their needs and recommending the most appropriate transport and accommodation.