Referral Process – Holisticare

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We do not need a referral letter to treat you – most of our patients refer themselves for therapy. To ensure that your General Practionioner (GP) is kept informed, and with your permission, we send a summary of your treatment to them.

It is useful, however, for us to see reports from any scans or xrays that you have had, if you have access to them.

Referrals are also accepted from any health professional or social worker.

Once you have contacted us, an appointment will be made for you to come to be assessed. This will enable us to give you the treatment which is most beneficial to you.

Following your assessment, we will discuss with you what treatment you will be given, and how long future appointments will take.

Depending on your circumstances, and only with your permission, we can also work closely with your family, GP, hospital consultant, social worker, or any other professionals who are involved in your care.